Ray's Occult Podcast | Ghostbusters

An all-new Ghostbusters podcast from the minds and mouths of Starkville's House of El, The 10th Wonder & Round 3.

Episode 05: Ghosts from Our Past

Author Andrew Shaffer joins Sheena and Derek to discuss the tie-in book to this year's Ghostbusters release, Ghosts from Our Past. The book - written from the viewpoint of Erin and Abby - is an integral part of the film's plot and, thus, a huge point of discussion. Andrew talks about what he pulled from to craft the book, what he loves about Ghostbusters in general and what made the recent film a worthy part of the franchise.

Episode 04: I'm a Ghostbuster

After what seems like years of waiting, last week saw the release of Paul Feig's updated Ghostbusters film. With more backlash and controversy than any film in recent history, the movie opened to more than $46 million at the box office and was certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Sheena and Derek saw it three times over opening weekend and feel they are ready to discuss what they loved, what they hated (relax, it was only one little thing) and what kept them coming back for each screening.

Episode 03: Ecto Cooler

Sheena and Derek discuss the highlight of Derek's year, the return of Hi-C Ecto Cooler, as well as recent trailers and ads for Ghostbusters 2016, including a Japanese one that drops while recording. Lots of talk of new merchandise for both the original film as well as the this summer's film included. And a contest to win Ecto Cooler yourself! All that and more in the latest Ray's Occult Podcast - subscribe and review us!

Episode 01: Winston

Welcome to Ray's Occult Podcast - otherwise known as a love-letter to the Ghostbusters legacy from two lifelong fans, Sheena and Derek. If you're familiar with podcasts like Starkville's House of El, The 10th Wonder, SkyNext, Geek Out Loud or Round 3 – you know what you're in for here: analysis, news, interviews and a side of laughs. In the first installment, the duo introduce themselves and give some backstory on their history with the franchise. Later, Derek is joined by Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore) to discuss Ghostbusters past, present and future. Enjoy!